“Have You Ever Wished For Something?” by Deborah Walker Wilkins

Have you ever wished for something, I mean truly wished for it…day after day after day?  Morning, noon, and night this thing permeates your entire being; this thing that seems so essential to your wellbeing and your existence. Then one day after wishing for so long you realize that damn, I can’t remember what it is I was wishing for nor why I was wishing for it.  Wanting something we don’t have is part of life.  Realizing that we can’t have everything we wish for, is a reality of life, and knowing that wishing and not working toward what we want from life produces no results.  As women we need to wish less for something or someone and work more towards attaining it.  Life is not a fairy tale where wishing produces for you what you want.  When we channel our energies, time and talent working towards what we want and need is often times when   we create the energy that produces results, when we gain our life’s rhythm and dance to it!  This is when we live!

We spend a lot of times wishing for stuff.  Stuff that adds nothing to our lives, or to the lives of others.  Finding our space and our place in life is when we can produce for ourselves and others, it enables us to laugh, love, and live…

Deborah Walker Wilkins is the founder and president of In My Mother’s House Resource Center for Women, an organization dedicated to helping women succeed in their everyday, professional and personal lives by providing out-come based, results-oriented programs, activities and services that help women improve the quality of life for themselves and their families, while promoting the affirmation of self.