Meet Social Media Intern Ellie Winter!


Ellie is a Vassar College sophomore majoring in Media Studies and History. If a genie were to grant one of her wishes, she’d ask for Twitter to have been invented at the same time as the wheel. She’s a Northern Jersey native with passions for horses, backbends, musical theatre, and scary-fast email responses.

Ellie is excited to begin revitalizing Women’s Power Space’s online presence and to join a group of women working to grow inwards and outwards—within their own groups and new ones. Encouraging and providing a space with a level of safety, affinity, and acceptance conducive to just being is necessary and intense work—and there is where the empowerment begins. She hopes that her work online will help make these new, special spaces all the more common for the women of Poughkeepsie.

She can be reached at and found on Instagram at @elliekcath.