Body Hair: A Life Obstacle?

As I scrolled through my Facebook Newsfeed today, I came across this Veet ad:


I couldn’t believe that they would so blatantly use body shaming to sell their product. For some reason, I decided to look through the comments, and I honestly expected to see a slew of sexist comments. However, it was a slew of women speaking out against the ad. Many were disgusted by the ad’s assumption that women stopped living their life because of the shame of body hair.


I have had many moments when I was self-conscious with my own body hair and have allowed it to dictate my own wardrobe choices. However, I’ve never went as far as to let unshaven legs stop me from having a great time, and I don’t think most women would. So, why does Veet assume that women would? What are your thoughts on this ad?


Check Out This Awesome Program!


These sessions are being offered for the community in the same tradition as grassroots centers and groups cropping up all around the nation whose purpose is to provide affordable, alternative/holistic care to communities. 

They come out of a need to address disparities in the healthcare system. My focus will be making these sessions accessible to everyone–students, the elderly, single parents, people of color, caregivers, activists working on social justice issues, and those individuals most in need of alternative care who do not necessarily have the funds to afford it.

Please help spread the word to make ongoing sessions a success!!!  I’ll be working on whatever issues the group brings (e.g. grief/loss, stress reduction, etc.)

Meet the New Summer Intern


Hi everyone! My name is Tanesha Ferguson, and I’m the Women’s Power Space’s first summer intern. I’m currently a rising senior at Vassar College with a major in Sociology and unofficial correlates in Math and Dance. I’m originally from Miami, Florida even though my family now lives in Georgia. My summer theme song is “Yoga” by Janelle Monae.

I wanted to spend my summer working with a women’s empowerment program because I wanted to have a more active part in that work. I wanted to be in a space where I was able to focus on the intersections on my race/ethnicity and my.gender. I mostly also wanted to work with WPS because I wanted to be a part of a space where I could do my own self work. I was really attracted to the word healing on WPS’s website, and I really wanted to spend my summer healing from a hectic and challenging junior year. WPS seemed like a great fit.

I hope that WPS will further prepare me for the “real” world after graduation. I want to be further prepare me intellectually and emotionally. Although, WPS allows me to focus on my own emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being while also lending a helping hand to other women of color who are looking to do the same. My main project for this summer will be to coordinate a Yogis of Color Portrait, which provides a series of yoga workshops for women of color at different locations in Poughkeepsie. We will also display images of these wonderful women in their yoga poses. I’m very excited to work on this project this year and to get acquainted with Poughkeepsie!