Reminder! First Workshop Tomorrow!

Summer Workshop (1)

Our first workshop in this summer’s workshop series  is being held tomorrow July 18th at Cunneen-Hackett Center Dance Studio from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The dance studio is located at 12 Vassar Street Poughkeepsie, NY. We hope to see your lovely faces tomorrow!


FREE Summer Workshop Series!

Summer Workshop

Yogini & Artist Sara Hart of the iHART Lens is partnering with Women’s Power Space to produce a photo series to document the diversity of the Practice of Yoga itself.

Too often, we see one-dimensional representations of yogis, or those who practice yoga, with images that don’t accurately reflect the range of diversity among those that practice or yoga itself. After all, yoga isn’t just about a fancy postural practice.

In the process, these yoga stereotypes about young, bendy, thin, able-bodied–and, overwhelmingly, white– people practicing in designer yoga clothes in serene and expensive studios often has a tendency to alienate people and communities from the practice altogether.

This Fine Art Photo Project will showcase a series of diverse women and their practices in a unique way that goes beyond your typical “athlete portrait” and intends to express more of what a yogi looks like : no make up, expensive clothing, fancy lighting – Just… who we are , what we do, and what we value.


To participate in this project we ask that you share your yoga story (whether newbie, seasoned or simply curious) and be willing to set up a private yoga and photo session with Sara Hart. The session will be a basic consultation coupled with a yoga sequence just for YOU guided by experienced Yoga Teacher and Medicine Woman Sara Hart.  The sequence is meant to help you feel empowered with who you are right now and how yoga in its own diverse ways, can be applied to your life. Also, in these workshops, we hope that our students are able to take away some mindfulness practices as they move through the hecticness of life.

The Photo session will be a collaboration of teacher and student movement together and showcase the beauty that is you in full awareness of yourself. The project is open to interpretation and collaboration with the subject and will produce a range of images – with intention to express that range of diversity in a positive way. Up to 30 prints will be produced and exhibited as well as each participant will receive a finished print of themselves.