Women’s Power Space is all about doing work together while learning, meeting new people, and earning community service or college credit. We are looking for fierce people to fill the following positions:

Summer is coming! Summer internships are available. You can have flexible hours and receive academic credit! (Field work credit for Vassar College students is available, we also encourage applying for fellowships. Paid internships are available). We are happy to work with other institutions in order for other student interns to receive academic credit as well.

  • Publicity and Social Media InternCoordinate our online presence by writing content for and promoting the Facebook and Twitter accounts and contributing blog posts. Pursue new online platforms (Instagram, United Way, Volunteer Match, Google Plus, Google Maps, links, etc.)
  • Outreach InternsWomen’s Power Space gets its power because women all over know about it. Go door-to-door in downtown Poughkeepsie distributing promotional materials and having conversations about WPS. Community building / meaningful hanging out time. 
  • Development InternAt the end of the day, we are living in a capitalist society. Collaborate with Abby on grant writing, fundraising, and networking.
  • Researchers: Help develop the Black Feminist Library, research best practices for yoga in communities of color/for round bodies/for differently abled people/for LGBTQ people and develop teacher guidelines/resource library, research vegetarian and vegan histories in communities of color, collaborate with and help develop Yoga Justice, work with the Video Dialogue Project to collect oral histories from Black Poughkeepsie women… Pick a project and make it your own! (Note: students are encouraged to pursue a WPS research position in conjunction with an academic paper or project.)
  • Teaching ArtistsShare your skills as a filmmaker, photographer, actor, etc. With support, you will develop and execute workshops for girls, women, or families.  If you can facilitate/teach yoga, dance, or a combination in between, hit us up! Experienced yoga practitioners who are not yet teachers are also welcome to work as assistants in classes.
  • Create-Your-Own: If you have other skills and knowledges that you think could benefit Women’s Power Space, please let us know!

If the above opportunities sound meaningful and exciting to you (even if they also make you feel a little nervous, that’s cool!), please fill out the Intern *Interest* Form below (no commitment, you’re just putting it out there that you’re interested) and Abby will be in touch with you. Please note that internships are always open to people of all genders and ages! Internships are currently unpaid, but we will help you to find funding from other sources (Vassar students have many fellowship opportunities).