Executive Director: Abby Nathanson graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie where she studied Sociology and Africana Studies. She is a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor with a background in the Iyengar method. Abby’s passions include gender norm transformation, white anti-racist activism, LGBTQ theory, decolonial witchcraft in Cameroon, and ethical/sustainable development. She founded and coordinates the Video Dialogue Project (now a part of WPS) and Coast-to-Coast Connections, a program that brings members of the Rural and Migrant Ministry‘s Youth Arts Group from the Hudson Valley to Seattle every summer. She also works as a coordinator for EPIC, a new activist group for high school students in NE Dutchess County. Abby serves on the Board of Directors of the Sexual Minorities Education Foundation in Northampton, Massachusetts. To learn more, visit her website. Abby serves Women’s Power Space as the Co-Founder and Executive Director. She can be reached at abby [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Director of Outreach: Ruth Faircloth was born in Florida to a pair of remarkable farm working parents and later migrated with her family to the fields of New York. She has been in the forefront of empowering rural communities for decades. Her work includes founding and directing Daughters of Sarah, an ecumenical women’s leadership development and support organization, and the Overnight Leadership Camp of the Rural and Migrant Ministry for over twenty years.
She can be reached at ruth [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Development Intern: Asia Alman is a Brooklyn native, born to Caribbean immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago. She is a sophomore at Vassar College where she studies Political Science and Chinese with a focus on Public Policy Economics. She recently founded UJIMA: A Groove Society, a pre-organization at Vassar College that provides a space for musicians and vocalists of color to perform music of the African Diaspora, including Jazz, Gospel, and Soul. If she is not grooving with wonderfully talented people of color, then she is performing a gig with her jazz band, brainstorming new events for her college’s Women’s Center, providing advice for one of her freshmen, or studying for class. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career where she works to engender and apply a race and class conscious lens to public policies that have been historically codified in discrimination.  Just as Audre Lorde said that “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare,” Asia thoroughly believes that women loving themselves is revolutionary, and is elated to work for the Women’s Power Space to provide an space for women to uplift and support one another.
She can be reached at asia [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Outreach Intern: Athena Morgan. Athena was born in Poughkeepsie, New York. She is a sophomore at Vassar College and is studying Japanese Language and Sociology. She graduated from Poughkeepsie High School in 2013 and since beginning her academic career at Vassar College, she has attempted to find ways to improve the state of this community. She is a classical musician so when she’s not in class, many of her hours are spent practicing the flute. This year, she plans on formally reaching out to the seniors at Poughkeepsie High School and returning in hopes of supporting the music program. She has lived in Poughkeepsie her entire life and knows that this city desperately needs a place specifically for Poughkeepsie’s women. Growing up, she remembers wishing for an accessible place to go after school where she could study, pick up a new hobby, and interact with other students her age. By interning at Women’s Power Space, she hopes to help create a space where women can explore new interests and support each other.  She hopes to work and gain support from the prominent female leaders of Poughkeepsie, New York. It imperative that these young students have a positive, productive environment full of resources for self-improvement and growth. Women’s Power Space will finally provide the space the women of this community need.
Athena can be reached at athena [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Social Media Intern: Cayla Chambers is a Mississippi native and Senior at Vassar College. She is an International Studies major with a Hispanic Studies Correlate. In her free time she loves dancing as a member of Vassar Flypeople. Cayla is also a member of the Black Student Union at Vassar College. She is so excited to be working with social media & publicity for the Women’s Power Space in the spring semester and hopes that she can be of service to this incredible organization as it begins to branch out and connect with even more members of the Poughkeepsie Community as an important space centered around empowerment, creativity, and the importance of community fellowship.
She can be reached at cayla [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Development Intern/Vegan Consultant: Alessandra Seiter is a junior geography major at Vassar College and is committed to combating oppression in its many forms through intersectional activism. She serves as co-president of the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC) and blogs at Farmers Market Vegan. When not writing, blogging, or organizing campus events, Alessandra enjoys cooking, baking, practicing yoga, and biking. Follow Alessandra on Twitter at @FarmerMarketVeg or on Facebook.
She can be reached at alessandra [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Outreach and Development Intern: Abbi Hiller hails from Boston, MA but is now a sophomore at Vassar College, studying Psychology and Women’s Studies. She is firmly committed to combatting oppression in the many forms that it takes, and recognizes the necessity of spaces where the minority voices are not just heard, but listened to. She is so excited to be interning for Women’s Power Space this semester, and hopes to help this budding organization give the women of Poughkeepsie a safe space. When she is not fighting patriarchy, you can find Abbi performing with the Barefoot Monkeys, conducting psychological research with Vassar’s Emotions and Psychophysiology lab, doing jigsaw puzzles, meditating, or sipping tea. She can be reached at abigail [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org. 

Outreach and Development Intern: Sarah Milone graduated from Vassar College where she studied Geography and Urban Studies. A long-time Poughkeepsie resident, she’s dedicated to community organizing and development, and is particularly invested in the revitalization of downtown Main Street. She’s also interested in challenging dominant ideologies of gender norms, capitalism, race, and environmental sustainability. She’s excited about Women’s Power Space because she believes it will serve as a forum for dialogue on identity consciousness, self-ownership, and community leadership. She can be reached at sarah [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Development Intern: Mary Talbot, born and bred in North Carolina, now studies Women’s Studies at Vassar College. She spends most of her time getting tangled up in feminist theory (both in and out of the classroom), documenting expenses as Strong House Treasurer, leading hikes for the Vassar Outing Club, and taking her elderly Volvo to the mechanic. Thus far, her major in Women’s Studies has been an almost exclusively internal intellectual endeavor, so by fundraising for Women’s Power Space Mary hopes to bring some of the theory she loves to read into support for 3-D, non-book women living in Poughkeepsie. She can be reached at mary [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org. 

Outreach Intern: Anna Meaney is a freshman at Vassar College.  She was born in China and then adopted by two lovely people and was raised in a suburb outside of Philadelphia.  She is thinking of studying psychology, but really isn’t sure yet.  Outside of academics, Anna is the secretary for the Freshman Class Council and is on the Activities Committee.  She believes strongly in the empowerment of minority groups and is therefore very excited to be working with Women’s Power Space to create a space for women to grow and learn from and with each other.  She is also excited to branch out into the Poughkeepsie community, meeting new people, and hearing new voices. She can be reached at anna [at] womenspowerspace.org. 

Youth Council Coordinator: A native of Evanston, Illinois, Juliana Struve is a senior English major and French and Francophone Studies minor at Vassar College. Most of her academic interests fall under the realm of Women’s Studies, often with an international outlook. She is planning to write her senior thesis English paper on 18th Century Women’s Travel Literature, looking specifically at the birth of empire through a gendered lens. She is passionate about empowering women both on a local and global scale and sees Women’s Power Space of Poughkeepsie as an opportunity to accomplish the latter. She is hoping to offer her skills as an academic literary researcher or as a youth worker to either do research or organize youth outreach programs at Women’s Power Space. A former member of the Vassar Varsity Swim Team, she has recently rediscovered downhill skiing with the Vassar Ski Team. She is also a food blogger for the Miscellany News’ Main Circle Blog TA Life: Easy Cooking for Seniors and spends what little free time she has these days researching and testing new recipes. She can be reached at juliana [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Research Intern: Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Laura Webber is currently a senior International Studies major at Vassar College. Her course of study has focused on Peace and Conflict Studies centered in southern Africa. She is dedicated to yoga and service, seeing yoga as a beautiful means for healing at the individual and community level. Her past service experience includes volunteering at an equine therapy ranch in Woodside, California, and founding the 4-H Million Trees Project. Laura is eager to support the Women’s Power Space doing research to grow the WPS library and resource database for yoga and activism. She can be reached at laura [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org.

Research Intern: Lillian Kalish is a third year Political Science major at Vassar College. In addition, Lillian takes Chinese and hopes to take at least one Russian class before she graduates. After graduation, Lillian hopes to pursue a degree in Comparative Literature and merge her interests of language, literature and politics. She cares about the Women’s Power Space, because like she recognizes that small towns like Poughkeepsie are in desperate need of spaces for healing, education, and acceptance. She can be reached at lillian@womenspowerspace.org

Research and Development Intern: Darielle Gadsby is a senior at Vassar College, currently studying Psychology and Education.  She is interested in getting her certification and becoming a teacher after Vassar, and has been steadily working towards that goal. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York with strong ties to her family in the Caribbean.  She has joined the Women’s Power Space team as a way to connect, collaborate and be inspired by a powerful group of women who are all striving for a better, more intersectional world!  Please feel free to contact her at darielle@womenspowerspace.org.

Research Intern: Born in Seattle, but raised in Atlanta, GA, Sara Goldberg is currently a freshman at Vassar College. She is planning to double major in Women’s Studies and Art History. She has always had an interest in feminism and is especially interested in intersectional feminism. When not in class, Sara enjoys singing in the Vassar College Choir, practicing yoga, and visiting the Lehman Loeb Art Center. She’s excited to be involved with Women’s Power Space because of her interest in the intersections of art forms, healing, and feminism. She can be reached at goldberg@womenspowerspace.org

Research Intern: Iyana Shelby is currently a junior at Vassar College studying Neuroscience and Behavior with an Africana Studies correlate. Within her studies, she has drawn closer to mental health awareness and treatment within the black women community. She hopes that after graduation she can follow the public health track or the psychiatric path in staying close and offering help in her community. She’s excited to be apart of the Women’s Power Space team!