Teaching Artists

Women’s Power Space is blessed to be working with many talented and skilled yoga, movement, and arts leaders. The following people are committed to bringing classes and workshops to our community:

Sandy Sooknanan is a yoga teacher. She was raised in a Hindu family with very strong spiritual practices. Her grandmother, Kishna Soonkanan, left Gonda, India in 1908 to then-British Guiana, now Guyana. Sandy grew up in Guyana before moving to New York and working as a nurse. After finishing reading and understanding the Bhagavad Gita, she realized that her place in this world was to teach the path of yoga. She travels to India three times a year to study with great yoga teachers. She also pursues women’s empowerment projects and charity in Guyana through the Kishna FoundationLearn more about Sandy’s work on Facebook or email her at sandy [at] kishnayoga [dot] com.

Sara Hart is a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic healer, photographer, and artist. She was born in the Hudson Valley and currently lives in Wappingers Falls. Her work invites participation and discovery; allowing students to learn and encourage one another in both traditions of art and yoga. Sara’s teaching style is essentially about self empowerment, freedom, play,inspiration, enthusiasm, and non-judgement. Sara received her Vinyasa certification in Brooklyn, New York from Yoga-People and has been teaching since 2009. Learn more about her work at www.ihartlens.com.

Niya Nicholson is a creative movement artist whose choreographic works explore trauma and vulnerability through healing and art.  It is through dance movement that she feels greater accessibility to: reject the violent energies of everyday oppression; celebrate the pain, the joy, and the questioning of her journey as a Black woman; and engage in self-care practices of healing–individually and collectively, with a community invested in growth and empowerment. During her time at Vassar College, she performed and choreographed with the Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre and produced riveting, social justice works titled, Jigsaw and Ebony’s Hive. She believes the most important aspect of her artistry is having a community to take part in the process, a community of women to share and create with. Niya is ecstatic to continue her work at Women’s Power Space, where us women are empowered to explore the capabilities of our own bodies, and to have those organic body-to-body connections with one another. She can be reached at niyaexpressivearts [at] gmail [dot] com.

Melanie Delgado is a Mixed Media Artist/Photographer/Educator. She spends her days making Art in a screened in porch studio and sometimes in her backyard, her evenings and weekends photographing weddings, musicians, artists and anything that catches her eye. She lives in Woodstock, New York with her husband Marc and dog Spike. Originally from New Jersey and the oldest of 6 children, Melanie uses playfulness, a child-like vision and heavy dose of street art, surrealism and Jean Michel Basquiat to bring her unique voice to the canvas, door, window or piece of wood. After learning about Women’s Power Space, she immediately felt connected to the idea, energy, and purpose and feels passionate about collaborating in a community with other creative women. Follow Melanie’s work on Facebook.

Sharon Rosen has been helping people relieve the stresses of life since 1987. Her primary modalities are meditation instruction, Reiki classes (anyone can learn and it’s a fabulous self-care tool for emotional and physical wellbeing), Deep Release Bodywork (a unique blend of massage, Reiki, cranio-sacral therapy and aromatherapy), and wellness coaching for women. She believes that self-care is not for the selfish, and that we need to keep filling our own well so we can stay strong, feel joyfully embodied and serve others without becoming depleted. She’s excited about being part of Women’s Power Space because we need more healed, whole, healthy women to help make this world a better place. You can access your free guide 3 Sacred Pathways to Peace at her website.

Suzanne Hughes is a yoga instructor. Suzanne’s discovery of Yoga has dramatically changed her outlook on life. Having dedicated 17+ years in the health care industry and a currently practicing RN, she knows first-hand the effects of stress on the body, and the benefits of regular Yoga practice. Suzanne is the Director of Path to Bliss Yoga, a collective in Pleasant Valley, New York , an active Reiki practitioner, certified relaxation therapist and meditation instructor. She is Registered Yoga Teacher having completing her 200 hour Vinyasa training at Satya Yoga Center in Rhinebeck, New York, and is currently studying under the guidance of Sondra Loring to complete her 500 hour certification. Suzanne’s teaching style is gentle, non-judgmental, and compassionate. She incorporates all of her healing modalities in her teaching. Suzanne’s classes are spiritual in nature, weaving ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way.  She encourages students to integrate Yoga into their daily lives, while remaining welcoming of all body types, shapes, sizes, ages and spiritual points of view. She can reached at pathtoblissyoga [at] gmail [dot] com.

Ashley Gannon is a certified hula hoop instructor and the founder of local small business Sunset Hula Hoops.  She teaches hula hoop classes to empower the women and young ladies of her community so they can be the authors of their own luminous futures. Her hula hoop classes work on improving overall wellness by connecting the mind, body and spirit through moving meditation.  Ashley’s classes are also an excellent cardiovascular workout, burning up to 600 calories in just one hour, while strengthening and toning the entire body. Follow her work on Facebook. She can be reached at sunsethoops12 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Molly Rose Hilgenberg has over 1,800 hours of experience working with beginner to advanced yoga students (E-RYT Yoga Alliance) and continues to learn every day from the yogis who just show up to breathe. She graduated from a 200 hour RYT Power Yoga Teacher Training in Minneapolis in the spring of 2012, teaching full time and continuing studying with wonderful senior instructors from various styles of yoga. As Molly grew her skills, she also began leading workshops, mentoring new teachers, and has coached or facilitated 200 hour teacher training programs for CorePower Yoga Minneapolis since 2013. Molly adored the dancelike art of movement in a Vinyasa or Power style class, but began to feel limited in what she could offer to demographics with injury, aging, and disabilities. She trained in Adaptive Yoga Level 1 with Matthew Sanford at Mind Body Solutions in 2014 and is proficient in offering yoga that is adapted for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory students. She also loves to guide Yin/Restorative, Hatha and mediation classes, and is dedicated to practicing peace, love and compassion. Molly is excited to be a new resident of the Hudson Valley in New York and is honored to join the Women’s Power Space community – believing that Yoga should be accessible and fun for every BODY! She can be reached at mollyrosehilgenberg [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sangeeta Laura Biagi is a language professor, yoga teacher, vocal coach and healer. She holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Performance Studies at New York University, a certificate in Sound Healing from the New York Open Center School of Music and a Two-Year Senior Yoga Teacher Diploma in Raja Yoga from the International Center for Yoga Education and Research in Pondicherry, India (3,500-hour residential training). She has published a book and various articles on yoga and sound, has recorded two CDs, and is now compiling a book on Spider Medicine, her method on vocal awareness and empowerment. Sangeeta workds with movement awareness, breath awareness, concentration exercises, vocal articulation, reflections on the patterns of one’s mother tongue, sound healing techniques (humming, tuning forks), aromatherapy, nutrition, dream analysis, and writing exercises. Sangeeta feels honored to be part of the team at Women’s Power Space. Awareness of one’s voice, both practically and metaphorically, is empowering and can lead to a happy and healthy life. Women have long been held silent. It’s time to speak up. She can be reached through her website: www.sangeetayoga.org and on Facebook.

Laura Webber  is a dedicated yoga practitioner. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she first stepped onto the yoga mat as a junior in high school in 2010. Her passion has been reinvigorated within the past two years and she is intent on having yoga become an integral part of her future. Laura is especially inspired by the healing potential for yoga, something from which she has benefitted greatly. She is interested in yoga as a means for addressing trauma and desires to spread the gift of yoga to underserved communities nationally and internationally. Laura has a work-trade agreement with her home studio in Pacifica, California, benefitting from a daily vinyasa or bhakti flow practice. She can be reached at laura@womenspowerspace.org.

Raquel Piazza

Amber Adams was introduced to yoga in 2007 and seriously committed to the lifestyle when she began to feel and understand the healing powers of yoga. Over the years, Amber has continued to transform her childhood abuse into greater peace, mindfulness practices and karma yoga (yoga of action.) She considers herself a life learner and brings her own sadhana, or spiritual practice, into her teachings as she evolves on her path. In the fall of 2010, Amber cofounded YogaNut, yoganutwear.com an eco-friendly yoga apparel and gear company, combining her awareness of green consciousness, design, and fashion in the yoga world. Her passions serve to inspire other business and consumers of mindfulness when making choices while they enjoy YogaNut’s wit and optimism in their fashion picks. In June of 2012, Amber completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, at the RajaHatha School of Yoga, under her teacher Amy Pearce-Hayden. This training was a tremendous personal growth and connection experience with her yoga family and certifies Amber with the Yoga Alliance standards. Amber started teaching a community yoga class which she arranged in July 2012 in the Poughkeepsie area, in hopes to fulfill YogaNut’s vision: “to bring awareness to yoga, not only as a fitness program, but also as a lifestyle.” She has been able to lure back people who left yoga for personal reasons, as well as bring first time students to her classes. Click to find more about her local yoga classes, and outdoor yoga classes.Another intention for community yoga in Poughkeepsie was to offer a donation based alternative which allows individuals to pay what they can afford. This “pay what you can” system also serves to attract residents of Poughkeepsie who reside close to the places in which she teaches such as Mainstay’s and Waryas Park. Both Amber’s community yoga classes and Women’s Power Space share this intention of bringing yoga to individuals who may not have the means or access. In addition, Amber is highly drawn to the active and willing individuals carrying out WPS. These women come from varying backgrounds, yet they are united in a shared desire to promote the beauty and wisdom of yoga. Amber is honored to be part of this proactive group. You can find YogaNut Wear on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can read Amber’s adventurous spiritual blogs, and can contact via email: yoganutwear@gmail.com, iMessage or FaceTime: yoganut_wear@icloud.com, and cell phone: 845.309.4545.

Yanée Ferrari 

Zosia Krusberg  is a theoretical cosmologist and a meditation teacher.  She was born in Sweden, grew up across Europe and the Middle East, and moved to the United States at the turn of the millennium.  Now, she lives in Beacon with her husband Jake, with whom she travels extensively across the United States.  She continues to be awed and inspired by the landscapes, cultures, traditions, languages, and individuals she encounters on her travels.  During the academic year, Zosia is a visiting assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Vassar College, where she researches dark matter, mind, brain, and education, and the role of contemplative practice in higher education.  She is a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Reginald Ray.  She teaches meditation in New York City, at Vassar College, and in the Poughkeepsie community, and spends much of the time outside of the academic year in meditation retreats in Crestone, Colorado.  The fundamental view of her meditation practice is that the body is the gateway to unfolding one’s personal journey.  She is thrilled to be joining the group of inspiring and embodied teaching artists at Women’s Power Space and to engage further with the Poughkeepsie community. Zosia can be reached through her website, zosiakrusberg.com, and on Facebook.  More information about embodied meditation in her lineage can be found at www.dharmaocean.org.

Abby Nathanson is a yoga instructor. She earned her Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certification from the Center for Yoga of Seattle, a school that teaches in the Iyengar method. She likes to practice yoga to eclectic music mixes and to welcome total beginners to yoga land. Abby takes savasana (the pose where you just lay there) super seriously and believes that ideally, it should always be practiced with an eye pillow, sand bag, a bolster (fancy pillow), two foam blocks, and three blankets. She can be reached at abby [at] womenspowerspace [dot] org. 

Anu is a certified practitioner of energy healing who has been studying and providing healing opportunities for over 10 years.  She has completed 850 hours in intensive energy healing course trainings, and performed about 2,500 hours of actual energy healing work.  Anu offers both individual and group healing sessions that are hands-free.  Her sessions provide a nurturing space for women who experience stress in their lives to “let go,” experience a lightness of spirit, and gain freedom from emotional and physical issues. Regular participation in energy healing sessions helps to keep the vital energy flowing properly throughout the system, can support disease prevention, boost energy levels, and be helpful in maintaining overall wellbeing. For women who have experienced, or continue to experience the negative effects of trauma and oppression, these sessions offer a way to get directly to the root of those issues. Anu is pleased to share energy healing through Women’s Power Space to offer women an affordable, complementary/alternative method for self-care and healthcare. To connect with Anu, please join her group AnuDivineHealing on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/AnuDivineHealing/or email her at AnuDivineHealing [at] gmail [dot] com.