Embodied Arts


What programing, events, and opportunities do you think are missing from our communities for girls and women? What if we had a group of high school students who could meet up every week to practice and learn yoga together and pursue projects on body positivity and body ownership? What if we had a local artist of color who was working on a portrait series of women of all identity groups practicing yoga to demonstrate that yoga truly is for every body? Since we are unique and have many different needs, Women’s Power Space seeks to offer many vehicles toward the same goal of fostering positive relationships between mind, body, space, and spirit. We call these embodied arts.

WPS seeks to provide intersectional, logistically and emotionally accessible programming for women in Poughkeepsie and beyond with a focus on programs created for and by women of color.

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Creative Soul Parties – Women’s Power Space hosts Creative Soul Parties around Poughkeepsie. A Creative Soul Party is a fun way to nurture our souls with an embodied art, whether it be yoga, hula hooping, dancing, and more.

  • At Poughkeepsie Middle school in partnership with VAST (Vassar After School Tutoring)
  • At Poughkeepsie High School in partnership with VELLOP (Vassar English Language Learners Outreach Program). Creative Soul Parties give students practice in english immersion, while doing something fun!

Consent cards: All Creative Soul Parties will use consent cards whenever there is a movement class with a teacher instructing.

Repair Cafes – Repair a broken object, and restore your body at the same time! We offer yoga and meditation to repair your body and mind, as well as repair-people to instruct how to repair your broken stuff.

Mobile Farmer’s Market – the city of Poughkeepsie hasn’t had a farmer’s market for a few years now, and Women’s Power Space wants to change that. We will have a truck drive around and where it stops will be a farmer’s market. Beacon has a similar model and it has been very successful. We are also in conversation with other sites. Along with fresh fruits and vegetables, we will offer pop-up yoga, meditation, and other embodied arts classes.

If you have an embodied art that you would like to share with us please email abby@womenspowerspace.org. We’d love to hear from you!