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Yoga means a million different things. At Women’s Power Space, yoga is a time of strength, relaxation, and breath. It is a time for us to reconnect, to heal from the inside out, to honor our emotions and bodies, practice self care, and to celebrate our resilience. Most of all, we believe that yoga is truly for every body. If you are breathing, you can practice yoga.

Women’s Power Space will offer free and low-cost yoga classes that fit people’s abilities, schedules, and transportation needs.

Yoga Pizza Parties – Departing from juices and cleanses, which have their own benefits, WPS wants to offer an alternative: nourishing our spirits and minds with Yoga and then nourishing our bodies with delicious pizza from My Place Pizza.

Consent Cards – Consent cards are a very new thing in Yoga Land. A laminated, colorful card, with “yes” on one side and “no” on the other, lets students actively consent to or firmly say no to hands-on assistance in a yoga class, or any other space where people might be touching their body or be in their personal space. Women’s Power Space classes will always use consent cards, where appropriate. People can change their minds at any time throughout the class. Consent cards and verbal consent are important to affirm people’s ownership over their bodies in what should be an awesome, empowering, body-positive space. If you have any questions about Women’s Power Space’s consent policy, feel free to reach out to Abby.

Consent Card (Yes)Consent Card (No)

See this Yoga Journal article, or check out the consent cards at the Kula Annex in Toronto or at Community Yoga Vancouver in Vancouver, Canada.


PROPS MISSION – While Women’s Power Space has mats, we are on a PROPS MISSION. We are looking for donations of new and used PROPS (bolsters/pillow, blankets, straps, blocks). Props aid in tailoring yoga to our unique bodies.

We’d love your support, so if you have any props, please let us know at propsmission@gmail.com

  • One of the studios working with us is Living Yoga Studios:
    “We have been voted the Best Yoga Studio in the Hudson Valley twice- 2013 and 2014.  We specialize in vinyasa yoga and all our teachers are certified by Living Yoga, training with owners Liz Schulman and Richard Villella, and all are registered with Yoga Alliance.  We offer classes 7 days a week for beginners-advanced, as well as monthly workshops and events and teacher training.”

Apprenticeship Program – We are doing an apprenticeship program! An opportunity for experienced practitioners of yoga to learn from certified teachers. This is not a teacher training, which are usually very expensive, but rather a way to learn how to translate one’s own yoga knowledge to others in a safe way. The apprentice will observe and take notes on classes, and teach one-on-one classes to beginners while a certified teacher watches.

If you are interested in being either a mentor or an apprentice please contact abby@womenspowerspace.org.


There are one-on-one classes open to everyone (beginners are especially encouraged)on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 8pm at Vassar College (Kenyon Hall 217).

Directions – Enter through the North gate on Collegeview Ave, take a left, follow the road, the cemetery will be on your left. Once you pass Kenyon on your left, park in the lot. Enter Kenyon Hall through door to the right. Call Abby to let you in!

Call or text Abby to confirm: (206)-963-2689

Many voices inspire us.

Dianne Bondy writes, “My challenge to you is to change the culture, change the language, and change the idea of what yoga teachers and yoga students look like. Be a trailblazer. Share your uniqueness, your challenges, and your practice. You have something powerful to offer the world.”

Angela Davis is a deep believer in yoga as a step towards liberation. On yoga for survivors of trauma, she wrote, “Without deep, abiding practices of self care, there can be no radical social transformation.”

Becky Thompson advocates that yoga can be used as a tool to mediate and heal from all kinds of traumas. She writes, “Yoga is so important because it brings us back into balance; homeostasis is embedded in its very name. Yoga, union with self. Yoga, union with each other. Yoga, union with what can make us whole on this earth.”

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition was formed by the authors of “Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery, & Loving Your Body.” The Coalition works to “create safe spaces for bodies of all types, devoid of body shaming, while offering a comprehensive body image education for the yoga community.”

Black Yogis is a Tumblr blog that compiles beautiful pictures of black people who practice yoga.