Yoga Justice

Yoga Justice is an online community for intersectional approaches to yoga that are oriented toward justice. We seek to offer an accessible internet-based platform for the several socially-conscious, anti-oppressive, empowering, and justice-focused fields of yoga practice, teaching, scholarship, and discourse to come together for intermingling.

Yoga Justice Playlist is a project we are currently working on to collect songs to play during yoga classes. We are gathering and making a list of music that is created by diverse and social justice oriented artists. We want to be a resource for yoga teachers and practitioners, because it’s often hard to find music that falls under this category. We are working to find music that the class will feel comfortable listening to, feel represented by, empowered by, and makes all feel welcome.

We’d love for you to add your music suggestions for the playlist here!

Tone Policing takes many forms. At its base, tone policing is when someone, usually in a position of power, invalidates another’s ideas based on the way the other person made their point or the tone of voice they used, regardless of what they are actually saying. It’s a tool used to silence others. It perpetuates ideas that emotions are not valid.

Yoga Justice and WPS strive not to tone police in our music choices for yoga and our understanding of people’s lived experiences.

Below are some helpful articles about tone policing:

Language Police” from the blog Racism School
This article uses accessible, non-academic language. Like a conversation. Although she doesn’t provide her name the author is a bi-racial (black and white) woman. The author writes from her perspective and is very open and upfront about her context and her privilege. She sums up tone policing (she calls it “language” policing) as a need for control and power over another person.

Tone Policing 101: The White Privilege of “Free” Speech” from the blog whites educating whites (so PoC don’t have to)
Giving the concise explanation of tone policing: “When white folks patronize POC by instructing them on how they should discuss racism, this is tone policing, which only serves to reinforce racism,” this article focuses on freedom of speech as a White privilege. As shown by the title of the blog, the author directly addresses other white people. The author is a white person, and clearly states about the blog, “nothing said here is heroic…this is not the better alternative or the voice of truth. POC are the best teachers, and no one is here to replace them.”

this is a post about tone policing” from the blog “Do Or Die
In this article the author writes about tone policing in the context of all kinds of oppressions. The article is aimed at all of us, because we are all at risk of tone policing. Making a great point, the author writes, “marginalized people often do not have the luxury of emotionally distancing themselves from discussions on their rights and experiences,” and thus, we cannot delegitimize someone’s point or experience just because of their tone of voice. The author an “anarchist feminist genderqueer mixed-race science nerd” living in London, also runs the blogs Tips For Radicals and London Palestine Action.